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Our History

Oldfields, an iconic Australian brand for more than 100 years.

Established in 1916 Oldfields was traditionally a manufacturer of high-quality hand-crafted paint brushes.

Now it’s an innovative marketer, importer and manufacturer of a range of paint related accessories and scaffolding.

With manufacturing facilities in Sydney and China the company is focused on creating quality customer focussed products for both the domestic and international markets.

Listed on the ASX, Oldfields Holdings Limited has embraced its 100-year- old tradition of not compromising on quality and is looking forward to another century of providing quality workmanship, innovation and service.


Henry Oldfield decided to go it alone.

Henry Oldfield started his own business in a small shed in Charlotte Street, Campsie in 1916. When business began to flourish a move was made to another factory at nearby Beamish St to accommodate the staff, which by then had grown to 8 and included Henry’s son Hugh, an apprentice brush maker.


Staff had almost doubled to 15 - time to move to bigger premises.

Oldfields purchased Pearson’s Soap Co Ltd and a new address was acquired in Henry Street Leichhardt. And while the Painter’s brush ware was the only product which bore the Oldfield name the range became an established Australian standard for paint brushes.

1948 - 1954

A period of significant change.

Brian Oldfield joined the family business, starting at the bottom and serving his apprenticeship as a brush maker, just as his father had done almost 25 years earlier.

New, larger premises were built on the Henry Street site. The DIY market was about to explode and the expensive handmade brush was about to make way for cheaper machine-made products that would dominate the sale of brush ware for years to come.

By the Mid-1950’s the paint roller appeared on the scene. Originally thought of as a gimmick, the roller which was crude in comparison to today’s products, was here to stay.


The company listed on the Sydney Stock Exchange and continued to grow.

The Oldfields range expands with the introduction of Sheffield Painters’ Tools for the professional and Harris Painters’ Tools for the handyman. Oldfields were on their way to becoming the complete supplier to the paint application industry.


New technology and a further acquisition.

By 1970 the electric airless spray gun appeared. However, it was not until the superior Swiss Krebs gun became available that Oldfields would make a concerted effort in this new product category.

Three years later in 1973, one of the largest brush manufacturers in Australia, Stanford and Pilley Pty Ltd, was acquired and merged with the rapidly growing Oldfield distributor network.

By 1975 Brian Oldfield could see a real opportunity for rollers and began to produce the Oldfields range of rollers, which is now a major force in paint application.


The expansion of Oldfields gains momentum.

After 54 years a move was made from Leichhardt to larger modern premises in Alfred Street Campsie, a two and a quarter acre site with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities.

And with it came a change in direction and a new logo to better reflect the changing company image. Oldfields became involved in TV and radio advertising and the now familiar catch phrase “Make sure it’s an Oldfields” was born.

A new division, Oldfields Industrial Hire, was created to service the paint application industry which, up until this time, was reliant on general hire companies who did not have the expertise to cater for this specific industry and the production of Aluminium mobile scaffold towers began.

The new Rolesta range of roller covers was introduced for the professional painter and the spatter shield range for DIYers. Oldfields ladders were marketed as “elephant strong” and such was the confidence in the product that it came with a lifetime guarantee.

Oldfields had established a national distribution centre with offices and warehousing in all states and in late 1985 ventured into the international market with the acquisition of the Hamilton Brush Co, the largest paint brush manufacturer in New Zealand.

Oldfields were now known as “The Complete Supplier” to the paint application industry.


Oldfields continues to expand.

A 32,000 square metre site at Campbelltown was purchased to cater for the continuing growth of the company.

The ladder manufacturing division was relocated and a serious assault on the growing market was made with the introduction of the revolutionary ‘Contractor’ ladder. It had features and benefits no other manufacturer could emulate and with a then unheard-of load rating of 150kg.

So advanced was the technology and design it won an ‘Australian Design Award’, which was quite an achievement for a company that had only been in the ladder manufacturing industry for six years.

New products continued to be added to the ever-growing range to keep pace with the demanding trade and handyman market. The ‘Oldfields Pro Series’, a complete range of products manufactured and marketed specifically for the professional painter was launched.

The ‘Pro Series’ range of roller covers were the first to be introduced with fabrics so superior that they could cover up to 30% more than their competitors. They were colour coded for easy identification and their introduction, along with a complete range of roller painting accessories, would change the way paint application products would be marketed and merchandised in Australia. These products would lead a complete range of ‘Pro Series’ paint brushes, painters’ tools, airless sprayers and ladders. All colour coded and all superior products.

In 1998 Oldfields acquired Lincoln Brush Co Pty Limited and integrated that business into its Australian operations.


New opportunities.

Oldfields Access becomes the market leader in the void protection niche in the hire industry with a design patent relating to temporary flooring systems.

The Oldfield family while no longer holding a majority share in the company is still very influential with Mr. Hugh B. Oldfield, the fourth generation of the family to be involved in the business, holding the position of Executive Company Director.

Oldfields acquired Advance Scaffold Solutions which had branches in Brisbane and Sydney. It’s integrated into the Oldfields Scaffolding Division, making Oldfields the largest supplier of Aluminium Scaffolding in Australia. This business is now known as Oldfields Advance Scaffold Pty Limited.

Oldfields also completed two strategic acquisitions; the purchase of Scaffold Hirers and Klemzig Contractors, one of the leading hire companies in South Australia and Sheds Plus (NSW) Pty Ltd with outlets supplying the shed market.

2010’s and 2020’s

Paint Tool Tech to the fore.

Oldfields launched three new advanced synthetic brush ranges. Pro Series, Tradesman and Classic.

The Pro Series Professional Tungsten scraper, which features a range of never before seen innovations was launched in 2019.

And the Micro-Max Pro Microfibre fabric roller made its debut. Ideal for use with all flat and low-sheen paints on smooth and semi-smooth surfaces the low splatter lint free roller comes in three different naps to provide maximum sheen, maximum performance or maximum coverage.

Did you know Oldfields offers Click & Collect at over 150+ Paint Stores?

Click and collect orders are delivered to Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne metro retailers by the next business day.

Where to buy
  • Every painter uses a brush, but the professionals use Oldfields!

    Everything from Filling Blades, Roller Covers, Buckets to Brushes. Oldfields raises the bar for quality and excellence! The E4 Mark II filaments lay the paint on like silk! Every painter uses a brush, but the professionals use Oldfields!

    Zakk Lang-Malone, Gold Coast QLD

  • It is also amazing what a difference having the right tools means to the overall quality of finish.

    In March 2020 when my work hours suddenly reduced, I decided to utilise the time by painting our house interior after 17 years! We were very impressed with the range of products Oldfields offered to carry out the work with ease. It is also amazing what a difference having the right tools means to the overall quality of finish. I highly recommend Oldfields brushes, roller and cutting-in tools for any DIY project

    Karen, Helensburgh NSW

  • I’m a big fan of the oval cutters and how sharp a line they can give.

    I’ve been using Oldfield's brushes now for a while in my 21year career. I’m a big fan of the oval cutters and how sharp a line they can give. I’m also loving their new 15 mm rollers for ceilings, such a big nap to hold paint, but a fine stipple. Oldfields high quality gear that last for painters!

    Chris Warr, Ballarat VIC